Why water?

Today, 800 children died because they didn’t have clean water. And another 800 children are at risk of dying. Every. Single. Day.

Right now, we have everything it takes to bring life-saving water to children in the world’s toughest places. And give their communities the tools to keep clean water flowing for years to come. each family walks around 16km to get 8L for their whole family each day. can you imagine if you had to do that? what would it look like if your family could only use 8L of water a day?

It starts with you helping one child, one family, one village, and one community. Why just talk about change when we can lead it now?

Need any help, got any questions? Please contact:

Teacher in charge, Mrs. Arlidge - arlidges@mtaspiring.school.nz

Student in charge, Ella Parker - Parkere@mtaspiring.school.nz